Osoth Inter Laboratories Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to the manufacturing of quality products that satisfy our customer's need and expectation and comply with any statutory, GMP and regulatory requirements, This will be achieved by a continuous improvement of products, quality management and employees competent through the following objectives :

  • Commitment to 100% delivery on time
  • Commitment to loss less than 1.8% wastage amount of total production
  • Commitment to achieve more than 85% customer satisfaction evaluation
  • mmitment to achieve 100% of training plan

Osoth Inter Laboratories Co., Ltd. (OSI) is a pharmaceutical company which produces pharmaceuticals and dietary supplement for its own brand and for OEM products. OSI is under umbrella of SAHA group, the wellknown of multi business especially cosmetics & consumer products.


Received the highest PIC / S standard from the pharmaceutical factory.

SAHA group

Business for over 30 years

Manufacture of medicines / supplements Various forms

Expert team And modern equipment

Distribution both in the country and abroad