Supplementary Food
Medical Supplies

Various strengths

Manufacturing Areas

OSI plant has separate and dedicated ares for the production of antibiotic and non-antibiotic drugs. The are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment and run by a group of qualified, trained and experienced personnel.

We Care From The Beginning

    Our plant is famous country-wide for very strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the beginning through the end of the manufacturing process. Our production areas have been carefully designed and constructed based on GMP.
    We select and treat raw materials carefully to ensure the best quality from the beginning All raw material are controlled by our versatile Quality Assurance laboratory.
    Bar-coded computerized raw materials weighing systems are used to optimize accuracy and potency before entering the production line.

QC Laboratory

Quality management is done through Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. OSI as such has its own QC Laboratory at site. The Laboratory has three different sections and these are

  1. Physical Check Section
  2. Chemical Test Section
  3. Microbiology Section

It is adequately equipped and run by qualified, trained and experienced technical personnel. It has proven control systems, with validated procedures and standards.


OSI's spacious storage areas allows the proper storage ot raw materials, packageing materials and finished products, Temperature and relative humidity in controlled storage areas are monitored on every working day. A periodic pest and rodent control programme keeps the stocked material safe and free from the possible infestation

Graphic Design

design facilities are fully equipped with modern Macintosh and PC. Our designers focus on not only product appearance but also the quality of packaging materials to preserve products quality as long as possible. Additionally marketing printed materials, POP's and Multimendia can be produced to suit each customer needs.

Maintenance Facility

The plant is supported by its own maintenance work-shop run by qualified engineers and technicians. It is adequately equipped with engineering machinery and tools required for maintenance work in the plant.

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